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The HVC Color Composer Professional, an award winning plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, is a creative design tool using Master Colors breakthrough color quantification technology. For the first time ever, color professionals in every field now can have complete control over every color in their work. The HVC Color Composer Professional instantly measures the numerical distances of all colors. This allows the software to create mathematically harmonious, visually coherent "smart palettes" that work with various target colors chosen by the artist. The software does the math and provides the user with an infinite number of palettes that work with colors chosen by the artist as the work progresses. The HVC Color Composer Professional gives professional artists, designers, pre press managers and printers complete control of the contrast and proportion of their color compositions, and allows the user to create dozens of powerful, stunning color compositions with lightening speed. Features include: enhancement to Photoshop's Color Picker. Has all the features of the standard color picker, plus all the advantages of the HVC Color Composer. Navigate through the HVC space, in addition to all the other color spaces standard in Photoshop. Make selections with the intuitive ease of HVC, then use the color any way you would in Photoshop. View the HVC color space by either the Hue, Value, or Chroma axis. Generate dynamic palettes with precise control over palette parameters. Then, either pick colors directly from palettes, or export to a Photoshop palette file, which can be opened in the Swatches window of Photoshop. Other significant feature enhancements to the Color Picker, such as a contrast measuring utility, split vertical slider, quick swatches for easy color storage, and more.

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